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Enjoying the water. Photo by Beverly Jackson
Photo by Beverly Jackson

We're immensely grateful to those legislators who stood up for protecting Virginia's waterways during the General Assembly session. Join us in saying 'thank you.'

Join us and commit to doing your part and standing with CBF to support the Clean Water Blueprint for the Chesapeake Bay and its rivers and streams.

To Save the Bay™ we must all do our part. Join the CBF Action Network and be the first to know when the right to clean water is under attack and what you can do.


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#MyBayBlueprintCreate Your Own Bay Blueprint

Students—join our student action campaign! Make your own action blueprint and earn action certificates and prizes.  Create Your Blueprint

Fun in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay at Sandy Point State Park, Md. Copyright Karine Aigner/iLCPShare Your Clean Water Story

What does the Bay, its rivers and streams mean to you? What impact have the Bay and its local waters had on your life? We'd like to know.Share Your Story

What is your Bay footprint? Use our nitrogen calculator to find out.What's Your Bay Footprint?

How much nitrogen do you contribute to the Bay? Use our nitrogen calculator to find out and get tips to reduce your footprint. TRY THE CALCULATOR

Photo credits: (from top) Michael Roane, © Justin Black/iLCP


Farm fields. Photo courtesy NRCS Maryland


Funding Conservation That Counts

After six years and unwavering efforts by CBF, Congress passed a new "Farm Bill" February 4, 2014, that invests in sustainable family farms and provides them with the tools and resources they need to protect our legacy: clean water in the Chesapeake Bay and the rivers and streams that feed it. CBF's ongoing advocacy, restoration, education, and outreach efforts built the community awareness and support our senators and representatives needed to create and pass this Bay-friendly bill.

Read More

A clean stream runs through a farm after conservation measures were enacted. Photo by CBF Staff


American Farm Bureau et al v. EPA

After CBF intervened in a suit by the American Farm Bureau to throw out EPA’s established pollution limits, a federal judge issued a landmark ruling upholding the Bay clean-up efforts and affirming that EPA, working with the states, has the authority to set science-based pollution limits for the Chesapeake Bay.

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A blue heron snags an evening snack. Photo by Kevin Moore


Defending Clean Water Progress

During the 2013 Maryland legislative session, CBF’s efforts helped pass innovative new policies to accelerate Bay clean-up and acquire record funding for clean water efforts. We also helped defeat attempts to roll back Bay clean-up progress. Initiatives defeated included reducing water pollution standards, repealing zoning restrictions in rural areas, and delaying stormwater system upgrades. READ MORE

Little girl with fishing net. Photo by Bev Jackson


Ensuring Funding for Clean Water

Virginia lawmakers approved $216 million for Bay clean-up, including funding to upgrade two sewage treatment plants, better manage stormwater runoff, and invest in other sewer and water infrastructure projects.  read more

In Wilkes-Barre, Pa., the Susquehanna River reached 42 feet, a record crest, following heavy storms in June 2006. Photo by CBF


Providing Protection from Floods

Pennsylvania lawmakers almost unanimously approved a bill that enables local governments to establish stormwater fees or other funding mechanisms which are urgently needed to help cash-strapped communities improve and maintain stormwater infrastructure, including projects that prevent local flooding and property damage.  read more

An osprey makes of with his catch - a menhaden. iStock


Saving the Most Important Fish in the Sea

Lawmakers overwhelmingly approved a CBF-backed measure to increase protection of the Bay’s Atlantic menhaden population, bringing the Commonwealth of Virginia into compliance with a coast-wide menhaden conservation plan. Read More

Photo credits: (from top) CBF Staff, Kevin Moore, Bev Nichols, CBF, iStock

View more from more that five decades defending the Bay


Farm fields. Photo courtesy NRCS MarylandPollution

Content in this section includes dead zones, polluted runoff, algal blooms. Learn more

Commercial menhaden harvesting. Photo by John Surrick/CBF StaffHealth

Content in this section includes mycobacteriosis. Learn more

Sprawl development. Photo copyright Nikki DavisHabitat

Content in this section includes underwater grasses, oyster reefs.  Learn how

Residential stormwater runoff. Photo copyright 2010 Krista Schlyer/iLCPForage

Content in this section includes menhaden. Learn more

Photo credits: (from top)NRCS Maryland, John Surrick/CBF Staff, © Nikki Davis, © Krista Schlyer/iLCP

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