CBF in the News

12.29.14 - Contamination leads to catfish advisory, more scrutiny of Susquehanna River

12.23.14 - Hogan names health secretary, other posts

12.23.14 - Clean Water Funding

12.22.14 - Whatever happened to...ex-EVMS leader Harry Lester?

12.21.14 - MD leaders protect funds for bay cleanup

12.19.14 - Concrete, informed solutions, not rhetoric, are needed

12.18.14 - Little Dobbins legal battle wasn't pointless

12.17.14 - Dunloggin efforts to improve health of Chesapeake Bay gain national recognition

12.16.14 - Research, environmental efforts in Hampton Roads benefit from federal spending plan

12.16.14 - Thousands of miles of Va. rivers are polluted, report shows

12.14.14 - Congress approves bill requiring outside evaluator, increased budget reporting, for Bay Program

12.14.14 - Gov. McAuliffe selected to head Chesapeake Executive Council

12.14.14 - Pending chicken manure regulations fan debate in MD

12.12.14 - Virginia's governor chosen to head bay restoration council

12.10.14 - NRCS Helps Protect Stretch of Antietam Creek

12.09.14 - It Is Easy To Be Green

12.09.14 - Study: Warming imperils Chesapeake Bay aquatic life

12.08.14 - Larry Hogan vows fight against Martin O'Malley anti-farm regulations

12.07.14 - UPDATED: Study: Dredging Conowingo would have less impact than thought

12.06.14 - Bill aims at better coordination of Chesapeake Bay cleanup

12.04.14 -Audio available New Model for Green Building Opens in Virginia Beach

12.01.14 - CBF fisheries director calls for vertical oyster reefs

11.29.14 - Garden wisely: Save an oyster, save the bay

11.26.14 - Up with oysters

11.25.14 - New fee to pay for Salisbury stormwater fixes

11.24.14 - Appeals Court hears arguments on Chesapeake Bay TMDL

11.22.14 - Virginia is open for oysters

11.21.14 - New App, Website Let Anglers in Md. Track Their Fishing Catch

11.20.14 - Conowingo owner may lose permit over water quality

11.19.14 - O'Malley moves on poultry phosphorus pollution

11.19.14 - New report casts doubt on importance of removing Conowingo Dam sediment in effort to clean up Chesapeake Bay

11.18.14 - Storm Water Drainage Fee the Topic at Salisbury Roundtable

11.17.14 - Phosphorus rules pushed before Gov. O'Malley's exit

11.17.14 - O'Malley pushes PMT forward

11.17.14 - Will Corporate Lobbyists and Conservative AGs Kill a Model Environmental Cleanup?

11.14.14 - Conowingo report sees praise, criticism after release

11.14.14 - Study: Nutrients, not sediment, are Bay's biggest issue

11.13.14 - Report: Conowingo Dam not major threat to Bay

11.13.14 - Scientists: Conowingo sludge not the sole solution to Bay pollution

11.12.14 - Dredging Conowingo little help to Bay, study finds

11.12.14 - Variances denied for Critical Area development

11.11.14 - Environmental groups stepping up opposition to crude oil shipments in Baltimore

11.11.14 - Panel orders rockfish harvest reduction

11.11.14 - Commissioners approve clean water resolution

11.10.14 - Runners take to Bay Bridge for inaugural race

11.09.14 - Building a seaside future

11.07.14 - Manure curbs could cost Shore farmers, study says

11.07.14 - Chesapeake Bay Nutria Eradication Project

10.28.14 - Important lessons taught

10.27.14 - This Building Is Made From Trash. Yes, Really

10.26.14 - Governor signs bill ending buffer requirement for PA’s cleanest streams

10.24.14 - A Conservation Story: Restoring Chesapeake Bay

10.23.14 - Voyage of discovery

10.23.14 - A Conservation Story: Restoring the Chesapeake Bay

10.23.14 - A comprehensive cleanup for the bay

10.22.14 - Volunteers needed to create oyster reef balls

10.22.14 - Money available for planting trees along E. Antietam

10.22.14 - Clean Water Could Soon Be A Scarce Resource For You

10.21.14 - Report: Chesapeake clean-up would be $22 billion boon to economy

10.19.14 - Saving the Bay Will Be an Economic Boon to Virginia

10.19.14 - Hundreds donate time to lift the community

10.16.14 - Conservation groups losing battle against Clean Streams Act

10.16.14 - Pa. legislature passes bill changing buffers for cleanest streams

10.14.14 - Ellicott City students join Gov. O'Malley on stream restoration project

10.14.14 - Video $1.7M Little Patuxent River Restoration to Help Trap Pollutants

10.13.14 - With Pennsylvania's legislative session entering its last week, here's 5 fights you may want to know more about

10.13.14 - Time to implement phosphorus management tool

10.13.14 - Wicomico candidates to take on environment

10.13.14 - The Economic Benefits of Cleaning up the Chesapeake

10.13.14 - Bay's benefits can be boosted

10.13.14 - Legislature shouldn't gut the state's streamside protections

10.10.14 - Reducing Water Pollution Would Generate Billions in Economic Activity

10.10.14 - Chesapeake Bay's worth outweighs cost of cleanup

10.10.14 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation announces economic report

10.09.14 - Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner race returns for 25th year

10.08.14 - Report quantifies Bay blueprint economic return

10.07.14 - Study finds Chesapeake Bay cleanup would yield economic benefits far outweighing cleanup costs

10.07.14 - Audio available Cleaning the Chesapeake Bay

10.07.14 - CBF's Brock Environmental Center Will Soon Be the Most Sustainable Building in Virginia

10.07.14 - Putting a Price Tag on the Value of Clean Water In Pennsylvania

10.07.14 - Stream buffer bill clears Senate hurdle

10.06.14 - Video Study: Chesapeake Cleanup Would Bring $22B to Region

10.06.14 - Chesapeake Bay Contributes $107 Billion to Region Economy, According to Report

10.06.14 - Report says benefits of bay cleanup four times greater than costs

10.06.14 - Report: Restored bay could mean $50 billion a year to Va.

10.06.14 - Study: Cleanup plans would boost bay's annual economic benefits by $23 billion

10.06.14 - Chesapeake Bay cleanup benefits touted

10.06.14 - Cleaning Up the Chesapeake Bay Would Bring $130 Billion in Annual Economic Benefits

10.06.14 - Study: Chesapeake Cleanup Would Bring $22B Boon

10.05.14 - Pennsylvania lawmakers may weaken protection for high quality streams

10.06.14 - The Conowingo: The Chesapeake Bay Foundation Weighs in

10.06.14 - Va. Rep. Rigell to host Chesapeake Bay discussion

09.30.14 - Why Maryland might not be the home of crab cakes much longer

09.26.14 - Commissioners should kill Western Parkway proposal

09.25.14 - A Tipping Point for the Good

09.24.14 - York County approves a regional agreement to reduce Chesapeake Bay pollution

09.21.14 - Sport, commercial fishermen differ over striped bass options

09.21.14 - Wetlands to preserve wildlife and protect waterways from nutrient pollution

09.20.14 - Environmental groups cleaning up sites across Baltimore

09.19.14 - Bay Trust grants to transform city neighborhoods

09.19.14 - 165,000 baby oysters are coming to the Inner Harbor in cleanup effort

09.18.14 - Sparrows Point owner, government reach cleanup agreement

09.18.14 - Citywide cleanup, reusable bag distribution planned for Saturday

09.18.14 - New Sparrows Point owners agree to $48 million clean-up plan

09.18.14 - Virginia's first lady announces renewal of environmental literacy program for Beach students

09.15.14 - Virginia is for (oyster) lovers

09.15.14 - Students enhance habitat for wildlife near restored creek

09.13.14 - House panel faces vote on stream buffer bill

09.10.14 - Chesapeake Bay group seeks students for conservation course

09.10.14 - Harbor oyster program expands

09.09.14 - Outdoors officials reeling in frustration over splotches on river bass

09.04.14 - Volunteers needed to grow baby oysters

09.03.14 - Virginia's lower bay dodges the record dead zone of the upper bay

09.03.14 - Online fundraiser aids local organizations

09.02.14 - Nationally recognized Peasley science teacher takes hands-on approach

09.02.14 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation plans adult education course

08.27.14 - Bay dead zone spikes in August

08.27.14 - Bay Foundation Launches Clean Water Counts Campaign

08.26.14 - Virginia agriculture, conservation leaders applaud agriculture Resource Management Plan

08.25.14 - McAullife pleased with improved Chesapeake Bay health

08.25.14 - OysterFest scheduled for Oct. 25 in St. Michaels

08.24.14 - McAuliffe to visit area to tout conservation program

08.22.14 - Why is Marley Creek so clean?

08.22.14 - Unhealthy Water

08.21.14 - Storm water is a public health issue

08.20.14 - Environmental regulators, CSX discuss April derailment in Lynchburg

08.20.14 - Algae flourishes after record rainfall

08.18.14 - Encouraging children of the soil

08.12.14 - Eye-to-eye with mummichogs

08.10.14 - Like Lake Erie, the tidal James River is afflicted with toxic algae

08.10.14 - Flesh-eating bacteria a low risk on Chesapeake Bay

08.07.14 - Diggin' In: Oyster gardeners help save the bay

08.01.14 - The resilient blue crab

07.30.14 - Bay dead zone smallest in 30 years in July

07.26.14 - Volunteer oyster gardeners wanted to help build Chesapeake Bay sanctuary reefs

07.25.14 - Anne Arundel could see early bay cleanup results close to home

07.24.14 - After surviving a year of wild weather, nearly 30,000 oysters are moving out of the Inner Harbor

07.23.14 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation teaches the teachers in Glen Burnie project

07.22.14 - Virginia oyster harvest surges to half a million bushels

07.21.14 - Spat Planted in Harris Creek

07.17.14 - Nature as classroom for Patrick Henry HS teacher

07.11.14 - Maryland's storm-water pollution efforts faulted

07.10.14 - Saving America from a Clean Chesapeake

07.10.14 - Registration opens for Tour de Talbot

07.06.14 - New Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement is More Pragmatic than its Predecessors

07.06.14 - Three New Reports Talk Trash

07.05.14 - EPA Tightens Scrutiny of Pennsylvania Farming in Bay Cleanup

06.27.14 - Our View: Keeping our water clean at all costs

06.27.14 - Carroll settles pollution case with EPA

06.27.14 - EPA evaluates Bay restoration milestones

06.26.14 - EPA: States' efforts mixed on Chesapeake cleanup

06.26.14 - EPA: Virginia 'on course' for bay cleanup, but must ramp up runoff reduction

06.26.14 - Bay Foundation Calls on PA Legislature to Maintain REAP Tax Credit Program

06.25.14 - Members of Congress join legal challenge to Bay cleanup plan

06.25.14 - NOAA forecast is for bigger dead zones in the Chesapeake Bay this summer

06.25.14 - Video Tens Of Thousands Of Oysters Survive To Make Trip To Better Water

06.25.14 - Oyster program designed to help improve the health of the Inner Harbor

06.25.14 - CB "Save the Bay" clean-up draws crowd

06.16.14 - Our View: Chesapeake Bay health affects us

06.16.14 - Expanded Executive Council signs new pact to restore Bay, watershed

06.16.14 - Leaders of Chesapeake Bay states and the District sign new pact to improve bay's health

06.16.14 - Chesapeake Bay states sign onto new bay agreement

06.14.14 - Report Shows Pa. Regressing in Bay Cleanup Practices

06.13.14 - Pax River hosts bay cleanup

06.13.14 - Oxford sets tone for addressing flood risks

06.12.14 - Baltimore's position in crude oil market grows as U.S. confronts concerns

06.12.14 - Video Study Finds Reduction in Pollution in Chesapeake Bay

06.11.14 - Virginia meets overall pollution reduction goals for 2013

06.11.14 - Virginia needs to do more faster to restore the bay, analysis shows

06.11.14 - State receives mixed marks on Bay clean-up efforts

06.11.14 - Don Baugh, a leader in environmental education, steps down after 38 years with CBF

06.11.14 - Bay cleanup progressing but not on track, groups say

06.11.14 - Pa. hindering Chesapeake Bay cleanup

06.09.14 - Clean the Bay day nets waste

06.05.14 - Central Pennsylvania streams to gain buffers through upcoming plantings

05.28.14 - USDA designates Bay watershed as Critical Conservation Area

05.28.14 - USDA seeks partners to clean up the Bay

05.28.14 - New federal farm program will help fight Chesapeake Bay pollution

05.27.14 - Video Court battle rages over blueprint to clean up the Chesapeake Bay; states as far as Alaska weigh in

05.27.14 - Chesapeake Bay region eligible to compete for a share of $100 million dollars annually

05.20.14 - Oxford starts stormwater management fund

04.22.14 - Bay had more grasses

04.21.14 - Chesapeake Bay needs the EPA

04.18.14 - Chesapeake Bay Is Everybody's Business

04.18.14 - Oyster restoration at Harris Creek showing real promise

04.17.14 - New environmental campaign aims to educate local candidates

04.17.14 - Federal appeals court says EPA can force power plants to cut mercury emissions

May/June - Learn how one troop strikes a balance between service work and fun

04.16.14 - Five steps to cleaner water, say Shore conservation groups

04.15.14 - Tree-Planting Event April 26 on Wilson College Campus

04.10.14 - Video Herring joins fight to protect the Chesapeake Bay

04.10.14 - Video Herring files brief in Chesapeake Bay battle

04.10.14 - AG Herring defends Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan

04.09.14 - The Chesapeake Bay Foundation program takes students out on midstate waterways to learn about science, conservation and nature

04.08.14 - Lower Dauphin teacher completes 19 years of taking students on outdoor trips with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation

03.30.14 - Volunteers plant native shrubs for water quality boost

03.27.14 - Clean water worth working for

03.27.14 - Will EPA's proposed water rule help Chesapeake Bay, hurt farmers?

03.26.14 - Don Davis: Prevent water pollution

03.25.14 - More protection for Md. waters under proposed EPA rule

03.25.14 - Meet the Osprey

03.24.14 - 'Rain tax' remains a hot-button issue heading into Maryland elections

03.23.14 - Tracking ospreys as they come north again

03.22.14 - State is revising drilling guidelines

03.21.14 - Road salt can hurt the Chesapeake Bay watershed

03.21.14 - Make your home more bay, river friendly

03.20.14 - Hanover preps for 15-year stormwater plan

03.15.14 - CBF director wants open dialogue

03.20.14 - Hanover preps for 15-year stormwater plan

03.16.14 - Shellfish harvesting in the Lafayette? Maybe one day.

03.14.14 - STEM Learning Gets Fishy On Fox Island

03.12.14 - Oyster poaching in VA a cat & mouse game with serious consequences

03.11.14 - Group urges residents to log their disappointment with Lancaster County commissioners over Chesapeake Bay court case

03.11.14 - The Farm Bureau had it wrong on Chesapeake Bay clean-up

03.11.14 - Efforts planned for Project Clean Stream

03.10.14 - Riparian buffer goal falling by the wayside

03.05.14 - Water tax plan draws criticism, praise

03.02.14 - The sky’s the limit in DC’s ‘green roof’ designs

03.02.14 - Report released on Interfaith Summit

03.02.14 - Lester: A clean-water plan worth fighting for

02.28.14 - States fear 'power grab' by EPA in Chesapeake Bay cleanup effort

02.27.14 - Jacob’s Oyster Dredging Bill Heads to Environmental Committee, CBF to Oppose

02.27.14 - Sportsmen Need to Get Involved in Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Battle

02.27.14 - Support of Chesapeake lawsuit draws thousands of petition signatures

02.26.14 - AG Zoeller Co-authors Amicus Brief Challenging Chesapeake Bay Cleanup

02.26.14 - Why are MI and IN GOP trying to wreck cleanup of Chesapeake Bay?

02.26.14 - Indiana joins suit seeking to halt EPA-led plan to clean up Chesapeake Bay

02.26.14 - Clean water vs. 21 dirty states

02.23.14 - Midwest states fighting successful Bay efforts lest they have to clean up their waters

02.22.14 - Alan Girard: United, we will get bay on road to recovery

02.21.14 - States join farm bureau appeal of 'pollution diet'

02.13.14 - O'Malley wants Maryland to take EPA's side in Bay pollution case

02.12.14 - Dorchester should seek innovative solutions

02.11.14 - Md. Water Group To Bondi: 'Come Up Here And Meet With Us' After Stepping Into Lawsuit

02.11.14 - Restoring iconic Chesapeake Bay oyster

02.10.14 - Scott has high hopes for stormwater management

02.08.14 - "An act of environmental war" was committed last week

02.06.14 - Florida opposes Chesapeake Bay restoration plan

02.04.14 - 21 states, 8 counties join Farm Bureau challenge to Bay TMDL

02.04.14 - Group Urges Corbett to Include Clean-Water Investments in Budget Plan

02.03.14 - Public input sought on bay plan

02.02.14 - Chesapeake Bay advocates urge stricter controls on Conowingo Dam

01.23.14 - Maryland Lawmakers Consider Repeal Or Reform Of "Rain Tax"

01.22.14 - Audio available "Flushing Out" the Facts on PA's Polluted Runoff

01.21.14 - Bay Foundation to local governments: address stormwater now

01.21.14 - Report: Polluted runoff on Peninsula a growing problem, but can be fixed

01.21.14 - Bay group: Stormwater runoff must be reduced

01.20.14 - Video Environmentalists urge support for stormwater tax

01.20.14 - Urban, suburban stormwater runoff replacing farm and sewage plants as top problem affecting Chesapeake Bay

01.20.14 - Md. Environmentalists Against Repeal Outline Benefits Of Rain Tax

01.20.14 - Lawmakers debate future of 'rain tax'

01.20.14 - Uphill battle for Eastern Shore delegates

01.14.14 - Finally, some good news for Sparrows Point

01.14.14 - Judge approves wider study of pollution around Sparrows Point

01.14.14 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation is Fourth Official Charity Partner for “Across the Bay 10K”

01.14.14 - Officials: Bad spill could happen in Virginia waters

01.08.14 - Environmental groups pushing to keep stormwater fees in place

01.08.14 - Wicomico County postpones decision on joining Clean Chesapeake Coalition

01.08.14 - Farm Show includes a flowing stream at Chesapeake Bay Foundation's display

01.08.14 - CBF-PA Hosts Stormwater, MS4 Workshops In Central PA, Jan. 27, 29, Feb. 3

01.06.14 - Resolve: Do Better for the Bay

01.06.14 - Extra year wanted for starting stormwater programs

01.03.14 - Bay advocates say state lax in monitoring county stormwater controls

01.01.14 - Experts say Chesapeake Bay report lacks clarity

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