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04.28.17 - Talbot County wins environmental award

04.28.17 - Top 10 green buildings of 2017

04.27.17 - Video Valley farmers react to water pollution study

04.27.17 - The Chespeake Bay's underwater grasses had healthy increase last year

04.27.17 - Why does Trump want to pull plug on the cleanup of the Chesapeake?

04.25.17 - Video Seeding project near Key Bridge looks to give oysters 'a second chance' in the Patapsco

04.25.17 - Chesapeake Bay group calls Trump a threat

04.25.17 - SAV Olympics: Foreign embassies seek laurels for growing grasses for Bay

04.24.17 - Discussion on planning for climate change in the Chesapeake Bay region in Norfolk tomorrow

04.24.17 - Video Hampton Roads and President Trump's First 100 Days

04.24.17 - Closer look at Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Brock Environmental Center, the 2017 AIA COTE Top Ten Plus honoree

04.24.17 - COTE top ten recognizes Southeast's only Living Building

04.24.17 - AIA names COTE top ten sustainable designs in America

04.23.17 - Public forum to focus on preserving Cumberland County's rural landscape

04.21.17 - McAuliffe signs bill forcing faster replacement of Alexandria sewers

04.21.17 - Is Susquehanna 'impaired?'

04.21.17 - Large group of dolphins spotted in Chesapeake Bay

04.20.17 - Baltimore area ozone up, but officials see overall air quality progress

04.20.17 - Video DNR: Survey shows highest number of female spawning-age crabs in reported history

04.20.17 - Video Survey finds increase in adult female blue crabs in Chesapeake Bay

04.20.17 - Females up, males down in blue crab dredge survey

04.20.17 - Chesapeake Bay an asset for America

04.19.17 - Legislators and environmental advocates urge Trump to fund Bay restoration

04.19.17 - Survey: Chesapeake Bay blue crab numbers down

04.19.17 - The Bay has a lot more female blue crabs this year, and they're ready to spawn

04.19.17 - DNR survey shows dip in blue crab population

04.19.17 - Chesapeake Bay blue crab population remains 'steady,' spawning-age female numbers surge 

04.19.17 - Chesapeake Bay female crabs at their most plentiful since at least 1990

04.19.17 - AIA selects top 10 most sustainable projects of 2017

04.18.17 - Lawmakers bemoan proposed decrease in Bay funding

04.17.17 - As President Trump proposes $0 for Bay cleanup, Dems and advocates want $100M

04.17.17 - Cardin pledges to fight for Chesapeake Bay funding

04.17.17 - U.S. Senators Carper and Cardin highlight effects of budget cuts to Chesapeake Bay

04.17.17 - Senators highlight effects of budget cuts to Chesapeake Bay watershed

04.17.17 - Video Local politicians stress importance of Chesapeake Bay funding

04.17.17 - Video Resistance forming over Trump EPA cuts that would cut Chesapeake Bay funding

04.16.17 - Rural pollutants that impact the Chesapeake region affect Pennsylvania trout streams

04.16.17 - The economic case for the Chesapeake Bay

04.15.17 - March for Science Rally set for Lancaster's Penn Square on Earth Day

04.14.17 - Integrating stormwater management with natural beauty along the James

04.14.17 - Video Chesapeake Bay conservationists talk PA pollution, EPA funding

04.14.17 - The spirit of Earth Day has done a lot for Hampton Roads since its inception in 1970

04.13.17 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation gives media first-hand look at Bay

04.13.17 - Alexandria CSO deadline unresolved

04.13.17 - Video Results of oyster restoration efforts in Chesapeake tributaries seem promising

04.13.17 - Lee Earth Day event to be replaced by local festival

04.12.17 - Maryland Assembly session gives environmentalists 'reason to celebrate'

04.11.17 - 200 trees planted in Quincy

04.10.17 - Letter: Fight for the Bay's future

04.10.17 - Critical Area development appeal has yet to hear merits

04.10.17 - Volunteers needed for 29th Annual Clean the Bay Day

04.07.17 - The Federal funding cut to the Chesapeake Bay cleanup program will have potential environmental and economic impacts

04.07.17 - Video Community tours new wetland project in Waynesboro

04.07.17 - Environmentalists alarmed over Trump's plan to cancel Chesapeake Bay Program

04.06.17 - Volunteers needed to help Chesapeake Bay Foundation protect stream, plant trees in Rohersville

04.06.17 - Oyster sanctuaries to be left alone for now under new Maryland law

04.06.17 - Ban on oyster sanctuary harvests becomes law without Hogan's signature

04.06.17 - Legislation passes to prevent harvesting on oyster sanctuaries until science complete

04.06.17 - Heads up Pennsylvania farmers: 9 'rocky' environmental justice hearings ahead

04.05.17 - Activists lobby Congress for Bay funding

04.05.17 - Video As Hogan signs fracking ban, environmentalists question his record

04.05.17 - Experts to discuss climate change's impact on Bay region

04.04.17 - Civilized people clean up their mess

04.04.17 - Oyster gardening seminars available to help waterfront homeowners with restoration

04.04.17 - June 'Floatilla" expanded to include rally to support the Chesapeake Bay Program

04.04.17 - Some GOP Lawmakers Push Back Against EPA Cuts

04.04.17 - PA officials critical over proposed Bay funding cuts

04.03.17 - Environmentalists say budget hurts efforts to protect Chesapeake Bay

04.03.17 - In Virginia, the Trump effect on environment is beginning to come into focus

04.03.17 - Attack on Chesapeake Bay is attack on Delmarva Peninsula

04.02.17 - Trump threatens to kill the Chesapeake Bay

04.01.17 - Tallying Hogan's $3 billion investment in the Chesapeake Bay

03.29.17 - Video Trump's reversal of clean energy rules could hurt the Chesapeake Bay

03.29.17 - Big turnout at Cambridge workshop dealing with water issues

03.28.17 - MD Assembly votes to block opening oyster sanctuaries to harvest

03.28.17 - Saving the Bay

03.27.17 - Friends of the Rappahannock programs could be in jeopardy if EPA cuts pass

03.26.17 - Chesapeake Bay funding, on Trump's chopping block, pays for projects large and small

03.25.17 - Maryland corn growers honored for Chesapeake Bay stewardship

03.25.17 - As crab season beckons, some watermen hope for new rules to bolster their harvest

03.25.17 - Make clean water a priority

03.24.17 - Ag budget shock

03.24.17 - State ag leaders pan Trump budget

03.23.17 - Already polluted, Susquehanna River could feel effect of Trump budget

03.23.17 - Dems blast Hogan's silence on Bay cleanup cuts; administration fires back

03.22.17 - Beach restoration project offers authentic outcomes

03.21.17 - Urge Congress to stand up for a clean Chesapeake Bay

03.21.17 - Maryland should put actual conservation back in the Forest Conservation Act

03.21.17 - The history of oystering in Hampton Roads

03.20.17 - Video Virginia Senators calling for rejection of Chesapeake Bay budget cuts

03.19.17 - Chesapeake Bay's future imperiled

03.19.17 - Chesapeake Bay's booming oysters industry is alarmed by Trump's EPA budget cuts

03.19.17 - Funding cuts to environmental programs proposed

03.19.17 - Bay group, public oppose cut to oyster sanctuaries

03.19.17 - Trump budget aims blow at Chesapeake Bay

03.18.17 - Trump wants to end funding of the Chesapeake Bay cleanup. Here's who's fighting back.

03.17.17 - Trump proposes dismantling Bay cleanup amid deep cuts to EPA

03.17.17 - White House may cut funds for Chesapeake Bay cleanup

03.17.17 - MD House votes to keep current oyster sanctuaries

03.16.17 - Trump budget eviscerates Bay restoration funds

03.16.17 - Lawmakers vow to fight proposed cuts in Chesapeake, Great Lakes clean-ups

03.16.17 - Video Federal workers react to Trump's budget proposal

03.16.17 - Audio available Environmentalists gear up to fight Trump budget cuts

03.16.17 - Trump bid to axe Bay restoration funding draws fire

03.16.17 - Trump's budget would cut EPA funding by 31%, eliminate programs for waterway cleanup

03.16.17 - Trump's budget would cut EPA funding by 31%

03.16.17 - Drink water in Pennsylvania? Trump's budget puts your health at risk, regulator says

03.16.17 - Gov. lashes at while Toomey lauds Trumps budget plan

03.16.17 - Trump EPA cuts could have even bigger trickle-down impact on PA, NJ

03.16.17 - Trump proposes eliminating Chesapeake Bay program

03.16.17 - Chance to see Mill on the fly April 1

03.16.17 - Trump puts his mark on budget

03.16.17 - Trump budget cuts all federal funding for Chesapeake Bay

03.16.17 - Trump budget kills Chesapeake funds; 'disbelief' follows

03.16.17 - Video Chesapeake Bay Foundation shocked at elimination of funding

03.16.17 - Trump's proposed budget could critically undermine efforts to clean up the Chesapeake Bay

03.16.17 - Trump's budget suggests major changes in MD

03.16.17 - Trump budget plan draws some criticism from MD lawmakers

03.16.17 - Video President's budget poses concerns about future of Chesapeake Bay

03.16.17 - Trump slashes federal Bay funding in proposed budget

03.16.17 - Trump budget cuts funding for EPA's Chesapeake Bay program

03.16.17 - Trump budget cuts funding for EPA's Chesapeake Bay program

03.16.17 - Trump's proposed budget eliminates funding for Chesapeake Bay program

03.16.17 - Concerns raised over Trump proposal to cut Chesapeake Bay funding

03.16.17 - Video Trump administration proposes eliminating funding for EPA's Chesapeake Bay Program

03.16.17 - Trump budget axes funding for Chesapeake Bay cleanup

03.16.17 - Trump budget calls for cutting Chesapeake Bay cleanup funds to zero

03.16.17 - Trump budget would cut all federal cleanup funds for Chesapeake Bay

03.16.17 - Trump budget plan draws mostly negative reviews among Maryland lawmakers

03.16.17 - President Trump proposes complete defunding of Chesapeake Bay Program

03.16.17 - Trump's proposed budget could critically undermine efforts to clean up the Chesapeake Bay

03.15.17 - Audio available How Donald Trump could slow down Chesapeake Bay cleanup

03.15.17 - Leave Chesapeake Bay oyster sanctuaries alone

03.13.17 - State's farmers embracing bay cleanup

03.13.17 - Audio available Advocates: Proposed cuts would cripple water cleanup

03.13.17 - Video Trump proposal would slash Bay cleanup funds 90 percent

03.12.17 - Tell your legislators you support efforts to clean up water, Bay

03.11.17 - 90-year-old volunteers to save the Bay

03.10.17 - EPA cuts could take toll on Valley waterways

03.10.17 - Oyster sanctuaries

03.10.17 - Concerns arise from proposed federal Bay program cuts

03.10.17 - EPA cuts promise harm for Hampton Roads

03.09.17 - Yard make-over at no cost

03.09.17 - Bay is in danger

03.09.17 - White House may severely cut funds for Chesapeake Bay cleanup, Lancaster County farmers would be affected

03.09.17 -  Chesapeake Champions

03.07.17 -  Audio available Environmentalists confident in face of EPA Bay restoration cuts

03.07.17 -  TAKE ACTION: Urge Congress to stand up for the Chesapeake Bay

03.06.17 - Video Advocates worry Trump's EPA cuts could be bad news for the Chesapeake Bay

03.06.17 - Trump budget plan would slam Bay

03.05.17 - Save the Bay: Slashes to EPA funding would reverse years of progress

03.04.17 - Anne Arundel releases new reforestation data

03.04.17 - Fired crab manager was not at war with watermen

03.03.17 - Proposed cut would threaten Bay progress

03.03.17 - Critics assail White House proposal for steep cuts to EPA

03.03.17 - Audio available Trump budget targets Chesapeake cleanup

03.03.17 - Poultry house pollution focus of MD Senate bill

03.03.17 - Report: Plan to slash EPA's Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan funds 93%

03.03.17 - St. Mary's lost 1,500 acres of forest in eight years, report shows

03.03.17 - Will Trump's EPA let PA off the hook for Chesapeake Bay cleanup?

03.03.17 - Chesapeake Bay cleanup budget would be slashed from $73M to $5M under new White House proposal

03.02.17 - 'Extreme' proposal to gut Chesapeake Bay cleanup program raises alarm as Trump administration crafts budget

03.02.17 - Maryland Senate passes Hogan's scaled-back water pollution bill

03.02.17 - Report: Major cuts proposed to federal Chesapeake Bay funding

03.02.17 - Trump would cut Chesapeake Bay cleanup from $73M a year to $5M

03.02.17 - State budget reduces funding for agricultural cost-share program

03.01.17 - Stand up for clean water

03.01.17 - VA lawmakers short of cash, pass 'building blocks' for Bay

02.27.17 - Hampton Roads congressmen seek $73 million for Chesapeake Bay cleanup

02.23.17 - Seeds planted for Chesapeake Bay

02.23.17 - CBF joins other groups to call for no cuts to federal farm bill programs

02.22.17 - Deforestation, fracking bills spark rallies before hearing

02.22.17 - Video Maryland may shrink oyster sanctuaries

02.22.17 - Commission proposes rotational oyster harvesting, expanded sanctuaries

02.21.17 - Conservation funding vital to clean water

02.21.17 - Talbot, QA meetings set to discuss state's oyster management proposal

02.21.17 - Our say: Forest Conservation Act update needed

02.21.17 - Chesapeake oyster proposal alarms environmentalists

02.20.17 - The View of an Oyster Sanctuary

02.18.17 - Report: Anne Arundel reforestation data sparse

02.17.17 - Chesapeake Bay advocates alarmed by plan that could open oyster sanctuaries to watermen

02.17.17 - Forest conservation law needs bolstering

02.17.17 - Clear waters mission

02.16.17 - Video Sanctuaries on the half-shell

02.15.17 - Restoring, protecting our resource is a priority

02.15.17 - Students address ways to solve Tangier's 'crisis'

02.15.17 - Hogan scales back Maryland water pollution trading proposal

02.14.17 - MD DNR drafts plan that would shrink state's oyster sanctuaries

02.14.17 - Chesapeake Bay is getting cleaner, but tall hurdles remain

02.13.17 - Farm stewardship program has certified farms in every Maryland county

02.13.17 - Environmentalists propose strict new measures to curb Maryland forest loss

02.12.17 - Conservation efforts support healthier farms, cleaner water

02.12.17 - Video Stormwater banks pitched to address pollution, flooding, and development on Middle Peninsula

02.11.17 - Annual 'Water Day' has steady flow of ideas

02.09.17 - Three examples show how ripples can become waves to save the Bay

02.08.17 - The Chesapeake begins to come back

02.08.17 - Farm Bureau, Chesapeake Bay Foundation both backing cost share program

02.07.17 - Video Environmentalists upset over draft plan to allow 'pollution trading'

02.07.17 - Second Annual Baltimore 'Floatilla' to be Held this June

02.06.17 - Goldsborough skillfully navigated Bay fisheries' troubled waters

02.05.17 - Clean water remains a priority

02.05.17 - 'Bay Barometer': Va. on track to meet 2017 bay cleanup goals

02.02.17 - Some good news: Recent indicators show more progress in the Chesapeake Bay

02.02.17 - Chesapeake Bay, getting better, but still not great

02.01.17 - PA farm pollution affecting drinking water

02.01.17 - Bay 'Barometer' shows restoration progress, but forest buffers, wetlands lag

02.01.17 - Audio available Spotting Eagles: Counting Along the Rappahannock

02.01.17 - Programs preserve Chesapeake Bay

02.01.17 - Chesapeake Bay watershed health improving

02.01.17 - 'Bay Barometer' shows Virginia on track to meet 2017 bay cleanup goals, but more work ahead

02.01.17 - Bay grass update #1: seeds and stems

01.28.17 - Glendale Farm owners complete certification

01.28.17 - Macon Brock's influence spreads across Virginia

01.28.17 - Tri-Cities have benefited from EPA funds that could be at risk

01.27.17 - Keep an eye on developing environmental issues

01.24.17 - Rappahannock eagle count sums up success of preservation effort

01.24.17 - EPA nominee Pruitt now supports Chesapeake Bay cleanup

01.23.17 - Trump's EPA pick says he will support, enforce Chesapeake Bay cleanup, seek more funding

01.23.17 - Brock Environmental Center Wins SBIC Top Honors

01.22.17 - Virginia scores daily double in gourmet sweepstakes

01.22.17 - New plant on James River to requires 1st pollution trade of its kind in VA

01.22.17 - Eagle Scout builds outdoor library next to Brock Environmental Center in Virginia Beach

01.21.17 - Senate panel rejects plastic bag tax

01.21.17 - Local officials want EPA rules curbed

01.21.17 - Let's hope Pruitt sticks to Bay pollution diet

01.19.17 - Perdue turns to composting to get more poultry waste off farm fields

01.18.17 - Trump's EPA nominee vows to enforce Bay pollution diet

01.18.17 - Creating a "Poster Building" for Leading-Edge Sustainability

01.18.17 - Dam woes back up to NEPA

01.17.17 - 'Grasses for the Masses' lets anyone with a socket and some spare time contribute to the health of the James River and the Chesapeake Bay

01.15.17 - Video Maryland spends $1M a year to transport chicken litter, to the benefit of the Chesapeake—and poultry companies

01.14.17 - Could treated sewage be a tool against sea-level rise?

01.13.17 - PA lags behind in Chesapeake Bay cleanup

01.13.17 - It's no accident that Bay is improving

01.12.17 - 'Grasses for the Masses' environmental initiative returns

01.12.17 - Program to rescue Bay is working

01.12.17 - Amish targeted over environmental problems

01.11.17 - Caroline County's Bill Portlock the perfect choice for state group's top conservation award

01.10.17 - Funding common theme as Bay states confront 2017 environmental issues

01.09.17 - The Bay is getting healthier, says Chesapeake Bay Foundation report

01.09.17 - That's Chesapeake with a 'C'

01.09.17 - Is Pennsylvania dead weight in effort to restore the Chesapeake?

01.08.17 - Foundation leads effort to seed oysters in Hampton River

01.07.17 - Bay report card provides some good news

01.07.17 - Accelerate river cleanup efforts

01.07.17 - Results trickle in for Bay cleanup

01.06.17 - Gov. Hogan releases environmental package

01.06.17 - Audio available Hampton River is full of oysters, just don't eat them

01.06.17 - Chesapeake Bay is at its healthiest since '98 - no thanks to Pennsylvania

01.06.17 - Susquehanna still major source of pollution for Bay

01.05.17 - Bay earns C-minus in latest report card on its health

01.05.17 - Report: Pa. improving, but behind clean water goals

01.05.17 - Chesapeake Bay's health is improving, but work remains

01.05.17 - Chesapeake Bay improving, but lots of cleanup still needed

01.05.17 - Delegate moves to roll back penalties for commercial fishing violations

01.05.17 - Chesapeake Bay health scores C- in new report

01.05.17 - Chesapeake Bay health score, fishery populations see an increase in 2016 report

01.05.17 - Bay health report card shows positive trend

01.05.17 - Video Chesapeake Bay Report 2016 finds improvements

01.05.17 - Video Chesapeake Bay health improves by two points, to a C- rating

01.05.17 - Video Chesapeake Bay takes leap in health, report shows

01.03.17 - Video Hogan unveils $65 million environmental agenda

01.02.17 - Environmentalists ponder future of Severn River cliffs

01.01.17 - What you can do about flooding


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