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No Child Left Inside
*The NCLI Coalition extends its thanks to the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection for the use of "No Child Left Inside."

Be a Part of "No Child Left Inside® Days"

Welcome to the home of the No Child Left Inside® Days campaign!

Please join us in this national campaign to highlight the importance of environmental education. As part of this campaign we are urging environmental, educational, conservation and all other interested organizations to work with teachers in your community to showcase engaging outdoor environmental education activities.

Paul Bayne, Skipjack Program Manager, holds a blue crab while talking to a group of students.
We hope to share the fruits of these lessons (e.g., photos, essays, other student work) on our website and send them to members of Congress to remind them of the value of environmental education and the excitement in learning it generates.

What: During No Child Left Inside® Days, students, teachers and environmental educators will set aside time to go outside and take part in special activities that will increase kids’ understanding and appreciation of their natural world. We invite you to advertise your NCLI Day as a co-sponsored event with the NCLI Coalition. Don't forget to invite local Congressmen to attend your event!

When: Anyday!  Activities can be one class period, one day, one week, or longer. Earth Science Week has declared the Tuesday of that week "No Child Left Inside® Day," which is a great idea!  We are encourage you to build off of Earth Day and Environmental Education Week events.

Where: Outside!

Who: Environmental educators, students, and teachers across the country.

Why: Students love learning about their own world, but many do not have the opportunity to take part in well-planned, outdoor educational and exploration activities. Many teachers don’t realize the value of, or are not given time for, using the amazing real-world laboratory that exists just outside the school doors. This campaign will get teachers and kids outside to learn and will focus congressional attention on the value of environmental education.

How do I get involved?

If you are:A family participates in an environmental activity for No Child Left Inside Days.

*An environmental or conservation group, print the materials on our website and get in touch with schools near you. Urge teachers to take part and help them spread the word to local media and members of Congress. If you provide environmental education activities for students let your community and your congressperson know about it.
*A teacher, plan a special outdoor learning activity. Invite a member of Congress to attend. And don’t forget to send us any materials your students create journals, photos or other documents. We’ll post them on our website and share them with the public to highlight the value of environmental education.
*A student or parent, tell teachers about the campaign and ask them to get involved. We want kids across the country to take part in this special activity.
*All of the above, publicize the campaign on your website, blog, or social networking page.

Research has shown the value that environmental education brings to schools. Kids grow more engaged in their work and perform better on assessments in every subject. We believe that all children should be given the chance to learn more about their world. Let’s start making sure that happens. Please support and take part in “No Child Left Inside® Days.”


Action Packet

Request a copy of the NCLI Get ‘Em Outside video by contacting

Suggested Outdoor Activities (pdf)

Tip Sheet for Reaching Out to the Media or Congress (pdf)

Template Media Advisory to Generate Press Coverage (doc)

Template Press Release to Hand Out to Reporters (doc)

Overview of the No Child Left Inside® Coalition (pdf)