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About The Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint

The Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint is a plan to clean up the Bay. No, not with a huge bar of soap and a sponge, but by reducing the pollution that goes into the Bay in the first place. And just like in school how you have to pass classes to graduate, the Blueprint has specific benchmarks that states and counties have to meet. The Blueprint aims to reduce pollution that comes from several sources, including:

Storm drain. Photo copyright Krista Schlyer/iLCP.Photo © Krista Schlyer/iLCP

Polluted Runoff

Rain (also called "stormwater") that runs off of parking lots, roofs, and roads carries oil, dirt, fertilizer, and other pollutants into waterways. Find out more about how polluted runoff affects the Bay

Cows in a stream. Photo copyright Justin Black/iLCP.Photo © Justin Black/iLCP


Animal waste and fertilizers wash off of agricultural land into rivers and the Bay. Find out more about agriculture's impact on the Bay.

Sewage treatment plant. Photo from iStock.Photo from iStock

Wastewater Treatment and Factories

Wastewater treatment plants and factories release discharges directly into rivers and the Bay. Find out more about how wastewater from sewage and septic systems affect the Bay.

Smokestacks. Photo by Tom Pelton/CBF Staff.Photo by Tom Pelton/CBF Staff

Air Pollution

Air pollution from power plants and cars falls back to the ground and is washed into waterways by rain. Find out more about how air pollution affects the Bay.

What's Your Blueprint?

We each affect our rivers and the Bay in our own way, depending on whether we live in the country, the suburbs or the city.

And we each have a role in cleaning up our pollution. Kind of like a personal Blueprint.

Student Wave projects give you ways to stop pollution and educate others on how they can stop pollution too.

Because when students get involved, awesome things start happening.

More information about the Blueprint.

Personal blueprint posters by Manchester Middle School.

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