Student At Bryn Mawr School Shows How To Lead A Green Club

Charlotte Jeanne is a junior at the Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore County, Maryland. She co-leads a green club at her school and has great advice about how to run a productive and fun environmental club. Check out what she has to say:

Bryn Mawr School students hiking. Provided by Charlotte Jeanne.
Part of my club out hiking together.

I lead a club at my school called Wilderness Club with my friend Samantha. We work as a club to spread awareness about environmental issues as well as get together as a group to enjoy the nature around us. It is really rewarding to plan an event and see other people enjoy and benefit from it. Right now, Samantha and I are working on T-shirts that we will be selling and the money will go to a local part of a national park.

Here is a list of quick projects my clubs at school have been working on!

  • Rain barrels
  • Stencils for drains
  • Posters about animal life around the Chesapeake Bay
  • T-Shirt sales, bake sales, etc.
  • Facebook page for students at the school to get involved
  • Bumper sticker sales

The most important piece of advice from my experiences for someone who would like to lead is to BE ENTHUSIASTIC. As a leader, you must show your passion for the cause and do your best to inspire others. Spread awareness and be proud of what you are an advocate for. Be cheerful and welcoming to anyone that would like to help. Always give constructive criticism and keep your goals in mind.

Set a list of goals for your club! My co-leader and I made a poster where students could walk by and write something they would like to do as a member of the Wilderness Club at Bryn Mawr. Here are some of the responses:

  • "Stop littering on campus!"
  • “Donate to causes to stop deforestation.”
  • “Be conscious of the trash you make”
  • “See cool wildlife - encounter a moose or bear”
  • “Find a spotted mushroom”
  • “Make smores as a club!”
  • "Go camping!"

Some of these goals are a little funny, but the poster idea is a great way to get other people around campus to be inspired!!!

Also, start a Twitter, Facebook, or Instragram page for your club or organization. Here are some photos my club has shared to keep everyone updated:

Bryn Mawr School students outside on trail. Provided by Charlotte Jeanne.
Hiking at a park near Bryn Mawr School!

Bryn Mawr School students kissing fish. Photo provided by Charlotte Jeanne.
Kissing fish at CBF's Karen Noonan Center with my friend Hanna Lau!

You can also spread awareness by sharing relevant articles! The most popular article my club shared with the school was this one about oysters in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

It worked really well because the Baltimore Inner Harbor is a place where many of us hang out after school and on the weekends. It was really cool to read about something so familiar! People were really interested in learning about the oysters in the bay after reading this article.




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